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Meal Plans

In order to meet your campus dining needs, we have designed the following meal plans for the 2017-2018 academic year. Within our program, we have six different meal plans designed to accommodate the needs of our students. Resident students are automatically enrolled in the 12 Meals per Week, $135 Flex Dollars Plan. If you would like to change to a different plan, stop by the Dining Services Office at Armington Center and sign up for the plan that fits your needs. Students may change their plans during the first week of each semester. 

There are 19 meals offered each week in the Armington Center Dining Commons. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered Monday through Friday; brunch and dinner on the weekend. Following breakfast a continental breakfast is also available. If you come to both breakfast and continental breakfast, you will be charged for two separate meals.

Weekly Plans

Our weekly plans provide a set number of meals in the Armington Center per week. Meals not used at the end of each week do not roll over. 

Advantages of the Weekly Plans: You will have meals available every week and you can use your Flex Dollars to purchase additional meals for yourself or a guest. 

Disadvantages of the Weekly Plans: The meals per week may only be used for YOU and not for your guest; Flex Dollars need to be budgeted correctly. 

  • 19 Meal Plan: 19 meals per week, no Flex Dollars 
    This plan is for those students who want to be sure they have access to all meal times at the Armington Center and do not want to dine in their rooms and off campus very often. 
  • 14 Meal Plan: 14 meals per week with $65 Flex Dollars per semester
    This plan was created to the student's request. This meal plan allows students to enjoy some breakfast meals with other lunch and dinner meals. With this plan, students can enjoy $65 flex dollars for their snacks. 
  • 12 Meal Plan: 12 meals per week with $135 Flex Dollars per semester
    This plan is great for students who either skip breakfast or prefer to eat in their rooms in the morning. It also offers more flexibility to have meals in the Student Union with Flex Dollars. 
  • 7 Meal Plan: 7 meals per week with $235 Flex Dollars per semester
    The busy student who may not be on campus during meal times. This plan allows students to eat when their schedule permits.

Block Plans

Block plans provide a set number of meals per semester that may be used any time the Armington Center is open. Unused meals are forfeited at the end of each semester. 

Advantages of the Block Plans: These are the most flexible plans we offer. Block Plan meals can be used for you or your guest. 

Disadvantages of the Block Plans: Block Plans require discipline to budget meals and Flex Dollars properly during the semester. Lack of budgeting can cause you to run out of meals or Flex Dollars before the end of the semester. 

  • Block 145: 145 meals and $135 Flex Dollars per semester       
    This plan averages 9 meals per week and is good for students with schedules that may change throughout the semester. 
  • Block 125: 125 meals and $175 Flex Dollars per semester
    The student who wants the ultimate flexibility with their plan. Good for busy students or those who prefer to dine in their room or off campus.

Interterm Meal Plans

During the January Interterm, there are three Meal Plans offered:

  • Plan 1: 19 Meals per Week, no Flex Dollars  
  • Plan 2: 12 Meals per Week with $30 Flex Dollars
  • Plan 3: 7 Meals per Week with $65 Flex Dollars

Munch Money

As a service to our students, commuter students, faculty and staff we offer a prepaid electronic account that can be used through your Greenville College ID with an additional 10% discount. Snacks and meals may be purchased at your convenience in the Armington Center or the Student Union Snack Bar without the worry of carrying cash. 

To sign up for a Munch Money account, just stop by the Dining Services Office. Unused Munch Money will carry over from fall semester to interterm to spring semester. At the end of spring semester, any unused Munch Money will expire.

Dining Policies & Procedures

So that you are sure to get the most from our services, we request that you adhere to the following policies and procedures: 

  • Please bus your own table when finished eating. 
  • Take only the food you plan to eat, and be sure to eat all the food you take. 
  • Please do not remove food, dishes, or utensils from the Dining Area. 
  • Meal cards are non-transferable. Do not lend your card to anyone, or borrow a card from someone else. 
  • Meals are non-transferable. 
  • Unused Flex Dollars carry over from the fall semester to Interterm or spring semester. Any Flex Dollars not used by the end of the spring semester will be forfeited. 
  • You must pay for a meal to enter the Dining Commons during regular meal time hours 
  • The Dining Commons is used as a study facility during evening hours (after dinner)
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Important Info

Special Dietary Requirements

Do you need a sick tray or have special dietary requirements that must be met? No problem! Just let us know and we will be happy to work with you to accommodate your situation. For more information, please contact the manager on duty.

Using Your Meal Plan

Your student ID is your meal card and it must be presented to the cashier before access to the dining hall is permitted.

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